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Plas DolyMoch 50th Anniversary design 

We've got a mountain to climb! See how we using our 50th anniversery celebrations to set up the centre for the next 50 years.

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Going the extra mile

Pete Fahy

Director of Adult Services

Coventry City Council


Isn’t it a good feeling when you are part of a team that works collectively to support a good cause and achieve a goal?

This is my reflection following a weekend where colleagues from Adult Social Care rallied together to complete a 24 hour treadmill challenge to raise funds for Plas Dol-y-Moch.

For the uninitiated the Friends of Dol-y-Moch are attempting to raise £250k to fund improvement works at the centre. This is a huge target and earlier this year the call went out to encourage fundraising efforts.  

Rising to the challenge, and considering the sporty lot they are, the team agreed to set about collectively keeping a treadmill in constant motion for a period of 24 hours between 4pm on Friday and 4pm on Saturday, in full public view, in the reception of the AT7 Centre in Bell Green.  

It was a truly special bit of team work that made me proud of the people I have working for me.  Everyone that said they were going to contribute turned up and did their bit, and even more impressively everyone was there early and stayed beyond their time slot to give support to colleagues.  

Others made multiple visits to the centre to see how the challenge was progressing and, even during the graveyard hours, there was good spirited banter with colleagues sharing a laugh in a way you would never see in a work environment.  It was never intended as a team building exercise but it turned out to be the most effective piece of team building I have ever been involved with.

So, what lessons on team work might be gained from this experience?  Such lessons might include the establishment of clear overall success criteria (24 hours constant motion), understanding of individual contribution to this (a set time on the treadmill), complete trust that everyone was going to do their bit, support for others in making their individual contribution, and importantly, a sense of humour and a positive attitude.

Ok, I’ll concede that keeping a treadmill in motion for 24 hours is more defined with far fewer variables than ‘running’ Adult Social Care but the teamwork shown over the weekend has given me renewed enthusiasm that we can meet the challenges in front of us.

Not forgetting the fundraising element the challenge has so far topped £1,000 including gift aid.  The fundraising page is still open and it would be great to see this amount climb further, so if anyone is feeling generous and wish to donate please visit

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