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Corporate support

There are various different ways to provide corporate support to the Friends of Plas Dol Y Moch, but however it is done it makes a vital contribution to the amounts of money the charity is able to donate to benefit children attending courses at Plas Dol y Moch.

The most substantial support you can offer is to become a long-standing Core Sponsor or Supportive Partner

There are other options to support the Friends of Plas Dol y Moch with direct funding or with licensing agreements involving the sale of products carrying the Plas Dol y Moch and Friends of Plas Dol y Moch logo and paying the Friends of Plas Dol y Moch a royalty percentage on all sales of such products.

Companies and businesses can also support the Friends of Plas Dol y Moch with different types of matched funding. This can range from formal matched funding support for a project such as the ‘Route to Rio’ schools fundraising initiative; to a financial donation for a specific aspect of the build project in return for recognition both on our website and at the Centre. Click here for full details of the FRIENDS of Plas Dol y Moch match funding guidelines

For full details of how to corporately support the Friends of Plas Dol y Moch please contact trustee:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.